Redemption for Meulenkamp after losing final, seals second career Challenge Tour title

Ron Meulenkamp lost to John Henderson in the final of PDC Challenge Tour 7 on Friday night, but on Saturday afternoon 'The Bomb' was victorious in the eighth tournament of the PDC Challenge Tour.

The Dutchman beat the likes of Niall Culleton (5-2), Colin Osborne (5-2), Sven van Dun (5-1), Geoffrey Murray (5-4) and Eddie Lovely (5-1) to qualify for the final. In the final match he faced his compatriot Alexander Merkx, who had defeated Wesley Plaisier (5-1), James Hurrell (5-4), Danny Lauby (5-3) and Gilbert van der Meijden (5-3), among others.

The final, however, was an easy sweep for Meulenkamp, who took the win 5-0. It is his second Challenge Tour title for him, following an earlier one in 2014. From 2016 through 2022, Meulenkamp had a Tour Card but lost it after last season, making him active on the Challenge Tour this year.

PDC Challenge Tour Event Eight

Last 16

Geoffrey Murray 5 | 4 Max Hopp

Ron Meulenkamp 5 | 1 Sven van Dun

Darryl Pilgrim 5 | 1 Robert Rickwood

Eddie Lovely 5 | 4 Christian Kist

Gilbert van der Meijden 5 | 4 Stefan Bellmont

Jim Moston 5 | 3 Darren Armstrong

Alexander Merkx 5 | 4 James Hurrell

Danny Lauby 5 | 0 Benito van de Pas


Ron Meulenkamp 5 | 4 Geoffrey Murray

Eddie Lovely 5 | 4 Darryl Pilgrim

Gilbert van der Meijden 5 | 1 Jim Moston

Alexander Merkx 5 | 3 Danny Lauby


Ron Meulenkamp 5 | 1 Eddie Lovely

Alexander Merkx 5 | 3 Gilbert van der Meijden


Ron Meulenkamp 5 | 0 Alexander Merkx

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