Results Day Two 2020 PDC European Q-School, Preliminary Round: Van Duijvenbode, Justicia and Pratnemer all through

The first action of the second day at 2020 PDC Q-School is complete with the likes of Dirk van Duijvenbode, Jose Justicia and Benjamin Pratnemer through to the first round.

Van Duijvenbode defeated Melvin de Fijter 5-3 with an 87 average with one of the best performances of the early rounds of Day Two at 2020 PDC European Q-School .

Justicia wasn't at his best but didn't need to be as he eased past Bjarni Sigurdsson 5-0 with a 79 average.

There were also wins for the likes of Michael Unterbuchner who only just defeated Alexander Merkx 5-4, Andreas Harrysson who didn't suffer an early exit unlike yesterday and Brian Raman who came so close to winning a Tour Card yesterday.

The likes of Martijn Kleermaker and Boris Krcmar are already into the first round so will compete shortly for a place in the Last 128.

Last 512
Rene Fricke 5 | 2 Mathieu De loos
Kay Smeets 5 | 1 Wesley Brown
Marvin van Velzen 5 | 0 Marco Bout
Jose Justicia 5 | 0 Bjarni Sigurdsson
Anoop Ramdajal 5 | 1 Sandor Ballo
Pero Ljubic 5 | 3 Dragutin Horvat
Lukasz Sawicki 5 | 3 Peter Schnupfhagn
Sebastian Bialecki 5 | 1 Adam Gawlas
Franz Roetzsch 5 | 0 Martin Sevcov
Rowdy Schoremans 5 | 4 Alessio Marconi
Wouter Vaes 5 | 0 Matthias Wagner
Jens Kniest 5 | 0 Bernhard Payr
Gergely Lakatos 5 | 2 Meik Dankers
Mike De Decker 5 | 3 Stefan Hielscher
Karolina Podgorska 5 | 4 Tim Darmstadter
Vitor Charrua 5 | 2 Rohan Brouwers
Radek Szaganski 5 | 2 David Haberberger
James Bailey 5 | 2 Tonny Veenhof
Jimmy Hendriks 5 | 1 Davy van der Zande
Kai Gotthardt 5 | 2 Nico Riehle
Paul Pohl 5 | 2 Christoph Mayer
Wim Hofsink 5 | 1 Timo Koenig
Richard van Zijtveld 5 | 0 Cor Ernst
Karsten Koch 5 | 0 Brian Weszkallnies
Yoeri Duijster 5 | 4 Boris Koltsov
Marco Apollonio 5 | 2 Karel Papezik
David Rosi 5 | 4 Dennis van der Ende
Aaron Hardy 5 | 1 Daniel Gogele
Marcel Gugger 5 | 1 Patrick Fink
Andreas Schnellhardt 5 | 2 Bernd Roith
Sven Preuss 5 | 2 Danny Kaiser
Dolf Reker 5 | 3 Hendrik Riedel
Benjamin Pratnemer 5 | 2 Joshua Hermann
Niels Heinsoe 5 | 1 Helge Gross
Sebastian Oschitzki 5 | 3 Wojciech Brulinski
Ryan De Vreede 5 | 0 Brian Kaemena
Arsen Ballaj 5 | 1 Bob van Oerle
Mario Robbe 5 | 0 Thomas Lazic
Roman Benecky 5 | 0 Atli Bjarnason
Derk Telnekes 5 | 3 Nico Schlund
Wilco Vermeulen 5 | 0 Simeon Heinz
Gino Vos 5 | 2 Mehdi Poggi
Dennis Nilsson 5 | 2 Jitse Van der wal
Michele Turetta 5 | 2 Andy Baetens
Michal Smejda 5 | 2 Christian Till
Johan Singerling 5 | 0 Sebastian Loeer
Nico Wagner 5 | 4 Gerrit Begemann
Romeo Grbavac 5 | 2 Tobias Mueller
Patrick Bulen 5 | 3 Frank Bruns
Michael Unterbuchner 5 | 4 Alexander Merkx
Ondrej Kysilka 5 | 3 Mindaugas Barauskas
Andreas Harrysson 5 | 2 Rene Eidams
Arjan Konterman 5 | 1 Matthias Grube
David Pisek 5 | 3 Lukas Wenig
Brian Raman 5 | 2 Thomas Kohnlein
Jeffrey De Graaf 5 | 1 Tomas Hamrozi
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5 | 3 Melvin de Fijter
Kevin Knopf 5 | 4 Ricardo Perez

Results Day Two 2020 PDC European Q-School, Preliminary Round: Van Duijvenbode, Justicia and Pratnemer all through
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC
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