Smith claims PDC Home Tour Group 16 with deciding leg brilliance against Evans

Jeff Smith has claimed victory in PDC Home Tour Group 16 after a brilliant deciding leg victory over Ricky Evans sealed it for 'The Silencer'.

Smith and Evans went all the way to a decider after a pretty even contest and with Evans down to 121, Smith was on a less make able finish of 147, it seemed.

The Canadian though smashed in the 147 (T20, T17, Double 18) which as a result claimed him the group win.

Going into the match, the equation was very much simple for Smith. If he won, he claimed the group. Ricky Evans needed to see him off 5-2 or better or Martin Atkins had to hope for 5-3 or 5-4 to claim it himself.

It is Smith that moves on though with two wins and a defeat from the latest PDC Home Tour action which continues on Sunday night with John Henderson and Damon Heta among the line-up.

Every evening, the four players will each face off; with each match being the best of nine legs. This group stage lasts 32 days with that amount of players set to reach the next round to play it out from there to crown a winner.

All players have webcams set up in their houses and say their scores out loud; to make sure that they can be inputted correctly without any cheating taking place.

All PDC Home Tour action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for free to all registered PDCTV users; regardless of whether you have a paid or free membership.

In addition all live-scores can be followed on DartConnect; with match statistics being available after every match.

Saturday May 2
Group 16

Ricky Evans (90.4) 2-5 (90.57) Martin Atkins
Christian Bunse (85.29) 1-5 (94.8) Jeff Smith
Martin Atkins (89.53) 5-4 (91.4) Jeff Smith
Ricky Evans (92.26) 5-3 (75.77) Christian Bunse
Christian Bunse (88.69) 5-2 (94.4) Martin Atkins
Jeff Smith (85.85) 5-4 (91.01) Ricky Evans



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