''Stop all the mucking around and play'' - Peter Wright 'can't keep blaming the darts' according to Wayne Mardle

Ex-pro turned expert analyst, Wayne Mardle thinks Peter Wright should stop "blaming the darts" for his poor form. Wright is known for frequently changing darts, even mid-match, in an attempt to improve his form.

In recent months, however, things have not been going well for Wright. The Scot has seen a rather alarming form drop off with an early exit at the World Darts Championship and two defeats from two matches in the Premier League Darts.

''Peter Wright, the changing of the darts. Last week in Cardiff they were going in at all different angles,'' Mardle said on the Sky Sports website. ''There was a bit of a pick-me-up when he beat Krzysztof Ratajski at the Masters but it didn't last long. He got absolutely annihilated by Stephen Bunting with darts that had changed again."

Mardle believes he knows a solution for Wright to find his good form again. ''This is my theory. Maybe he thinks that he should go back to the old faithfuls of the gold darts and maybe he will but what if they don't respond? What if he still plays poorly with those? Where does he go from there?" Mardle asks himself.

"You can't keep blaming the darts, it is always the human throwing them. Yes, some darts will not suit you. Yes, some darts will not suit Peter. He has been so good he has gotten away with it but at the moment, he is not getting away with the changing of the darts. If he uses the gold darts and plays poorly, mentally he might be like 'Where do I go?'. That is my real fear for him. He had a dismal time last year, he only got nine points then as well. Not much has gone right for Peter in the Premier League in general and now he is in probably the worst form of his life. He has got to pick himself up and get on and play. Stop all the mucking around and play."

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