Colley and Ashton claim top prizes at WDF British Open

Reece Colley and Lisa Ashton won the singles tournament titles at the WDF British Open in Bridlington on Sunday night.

Colley concluded a rock-solid men's singles tournament with the title. In seven of his eight matches, he recorded an average of over 90. After victories over the likes of Dean Winstanley (4-0), Gary Stone (4-2), Mike Gillet (4-1) and Thomas Gregory (5-2), he beat Chris Landman 6-3 in the final.

Ashton was a class act in the ladies event. In her six matches, 'The Lancashire Rose' conceded seven legs, and also recorded her highest ever recorded average. In her quarter-final against Phonsawan Whillis (4-0), she reached an average of 105.47. Ashton then also dealt with Anca Zijlstra (4-2) and Aileen de Graaf (5-1).

Results WDF British Open



Reece Colley (93.91) 4-1 (82.15) Mike Gillet

Thomas Gregory (91.59) 4-1 (81.39) Mark Barilli

Chris Landman (84.59) 4-3 (84.79) Richard Veenstra

Jamie Lewis (81.24) 4-0 (73.92) Henry Coates


Reece Colley (91.82) 5-2 (77.17) Thomas Gregory

Chris Landman (84.22) 5-1 (50.94) Jamie Lewis


Reece Colley (91.93) 6-3 (91.99) Chris Landman



Lisa Ashton (105.47) 4-0 (70.89) Phonsawan Whillis

Anca Zijlstra (68.33) 4-2 (59.79) Sarah Roberts

Aileen de Graaf (84.88) 4-1 (72.84) Deta Hedman

Lorraine Winstanley (78.35) 4-3 (73.25) Noa-Lynn van Leuven


Lisa Ashton (69.77) 4-2 (71.11) Anca Zijlstra

Aileen de Graaf (71.96) 4-3 (69.99) Lorraine Winstanley


Lisa Ashton (75.38) 5-1 (71.59) Aileen de Graaf

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