BDO era comes to an end as counties join UKDA

More than 47 years after the iteration of the illustrious British Darts Organisation (BDO), it seems to be no more.

In recent weeks, more and more counties have switched from the BDO in the county BICC system to the United Kingdom Darts Association (UKDA). They were formed at the end of May 2020 to go alongside the BDO and Tri-Nations to battle for control of the county system.

Interested counties could make it known until Monday evening if they wished to defer their membership over to any of the two new associations. 42 had already defected as of Sunday; and on Monday evening, the UKDA signalled the end of the BDO with the eight remaining counties also joining the association.

This includes Lincolnshire, who have involvement from the BDO Chairman, Des Jacklin. 54 counties in all; with four more added made sure of the UKDA running proceedings going forward.

"It hasn't been an easy period in our sport and there is certainly no mass celebrations at the UKDA tonight," said UKDA CEO Colin Savage in a press release. "Yes we have achieved our goal; but it is also a very sad day for the game of darts. The BDO system has been what we all have known, loved and invested time in. And I as well as many have shed a tear today."

Problems within the BDO

The BDO has endured a demise in recent years with more and more players including ones previously only loyal to the organisation joining the PDC. There has also been multiple incidents many under Jacklin that have brought them into disarray.

This includes issues with prize money at the World Championship, the World Masters fiasco including the draw having to be redone; and bills not being paid in certain instances. Subsequently the commercial arm went bankrupt.

Despite this, counties remained loyal to the BDO system; and he remained chairman but most have subsequently decided to join UKDA before today's announcement.

Looking for a better future for amateur darts

So now the counties are involved in the UKDA, the focus is now on good relationships between counties and also other amateur bodies.

"We all now have a duty to this great sport to work together; to promote our game better than ever before and to heal the rifts that may have occurred," Savage continued.

While they do not focus on the TV tournaments aspect of amateur darts, there will be hope of a collaboration with Modern Amateur Darts (MAD); which was founded by JDC Chairman and PDC ranking winner, Steve Brown.

''A strong working relationship will be essential as we all work together for the good of the Amateur game in the United Kingdom'', Savage said.

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