Edgar reflects on Q-School changes implemented in 2021: "This was a fantastic decision"

Matthew Edgar knows what it is like to win through Q-School and go through the rigours of the yearly event.

Edgar went through the winners of every day and as a result of covering the event, he headed onto his channel Edgar TV to sum up the tournament and to discuss the changes.

"I'm on with the people that say this was a fantastic decision. It was also backed up at Q-School. People go for different reasons, some people go for experience, some people go to win a card. Some people go to test their levels," said Edgar.

"The pre-school phase is perfect for that, it keeps you out of the way of the people that are serious about getting a card, it gives you the opportunity to become one of those people that get a card."

"It gave people who wanted the experience and the opportunity to see what it's like to experience that without causing too much disruption to the people that are there for the purpose of what PDC Q-School is about which is getting a Tour Card."

"One thing I didn't like about this was the points system. I don't have the answer of what would be a better way of doing it. I just know this isn't the right way of doing it."

"I could beat Dave 6-0 in the first round and I could lost 6-4 in the second round and I could go below Dave in the rankings. Dave will be on zero points zero legs, I would be on zero points -2 legs, that's the downside."

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