Gray and Bates through to final group in MODUS Online Live League (Week 2)

Adrian Gray and Barrie Bates are through to the final group in the MODUS Online Live League following Robert Thornton.

In Group B, they managed to claim the top two positions after two days with both players having seven wins in ten matches.

Despite that, Gray had a better leg difference so the group win went to him in the end. The overall day win went to Jamie Kelling who managed to win all five of his matches as a replacement for the injured Jamie Caven.

On Friday evening, Colin Monk, Paul Hogan, Chas Barstow, Richie Burnett and Joe Davis will play their second group matches in Group C. Also in this group, there are two places available for Saturday.

Unlike the first edition of the MODUS Live League in 2020, the games will not be played online via a webcam connection, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel.

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Week 2)

Friday March 26

Darryl Fitton (84.31) 2-4 (87.47) Diogo Portela

Fallon Sherrock (70.26) 2-4 (74.10) Adrian Gray

Jamie Kelling (83.05) 4-2 (85.20) Barrie Bates

Adiran Gray (88.00) 3-4 (84.45) Darryl Fitton

Diogo Portela (87.30) 2-4 (88.48) Barrie Bates

Fallon Sherrock (71.97) 1-4 (84.10) Jamie Kelling

Barrie Bates (87.38) 2-4 (87.15) Adrian Gray

Darryl Fitton (82.23) 3-4 (84.03) Fallon Sherrock

Jamie Kelling (96.00) 4-2 (90.46) Diogo Portela

Darryl Fitton (80.17) 2-4 (84.08) Barrie Bates

Adrian Gray (85.74) 1-4 (96.00) Jamie Kelling

Fallon Sherrock (77.19) 4-1 (71.97) Diogo Portela

Jamie Kelling (83.50) 4-0 (75.35) Darryl Fitton

Barrie Bates (78.28) 4-3 (75.97) Fallon Sherrock

Diogo Portela (79.52) 1-4 (85.29) Adrian Gray

Standings Group B

*Jamie Caven withdrawn after the first day due to an injury. He was replaced by Jamie Kelling and as a result both players only played five out of ten matches.

#NamePlayedWinsLossesLeg +/-Points
1Adrian Gray10731314
2Barrie Bates1073714
3Jamie Kelling5501410
4Fallon Sherrock1037-86
5Diogo Portela1037-106
6Darryl Fitton1037-136
7Jamie Caven523-34

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