How well do Price and Clayton really know each other? Welsh duo put to the test

Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton recently won the World Cup of Darts together for the second time, with their good friendship being a key dynamic in their victory. But who knows more about the other?

Sky Sports recently put that question to the test, asking the Welsh duo a number of questions regarding the other, to try and find out just how close they really are.

First up the question of Price's pre-match meal. "Nando's" shouts out Clayton before Price has even had a chance to write down the correct answer. "Hey, I need to write it down first," Price explains. "Wagamama's."

Price's favourite double? "Tops" answers Clayton confidently and correctly. For Clayton's favourite double, Price is equally spot on as he says "double 16."

Biggest fear? "Gezzy's biggest fear is losing," says Clayton and as Price turns over his card, the Ferret is proven right, iliciting a shout of "oh, good boy Jonny" from his partner. This time though Price can't follow suit, unable to correctly guess Clayton's biggest fear to be spiders.

Finally, what about biggest Welsh idol? "Gezzy's idol will be a rugby player," Clayton muses before once again answering correctly. "Scott Gibbs?" This time whilst along the right lines, Price is unable to correctly answer. "Marshall James?" Price guesses. "My Welsh idol is Mark Webster," says a laughing Clayton in response.

Although they may not have got all the answers correct, the camaraderie and closeness between the pair, that was so key to their World Cup of Darts victory ensures they will be tough to beat for years to come.

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