Schedule Monday session PDC Home Tour II including Pallett and Nentjes

The PDC Home Tour II starts on Monday. This is the second edition of the successful PDC digital darts tournament.

With this PDC Home Tour, the PDC focuses on the lower ranked Tour Card holders on the PDC Order of Merit. It is expected that the seventy lowest - and available - Tour Card holders in the world rankings will be able to participate in the second edition of the online competition.

David Pallett, Geert Nentjes, Mike de Decker, Andy Boulton, Adrian Gray, Joe Murnan and Conan Whitehead will make their appearance on the first day of the event.

The broadcast starts daily at 09:30 am. All matches can be viewed via the streaming service PDC TV. The top three players in each group, along with the five best fourth-placed players, will qualify for the 35-player second phase. The first phase will be played from August 31 till September 28.

Schedule PDC Home Tour II

Phase 1 - Group 1
Monday August 31 (9:30 GMT)

Mike De Decker v Geert Nentjes
Conan Whitehead v Joe Murnan
Adrian Gray v Andy Boulton
David Pallett v Mike De Decker
Geert Nentjes v Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton v Conan Whitehead
Joe Murnan v David Pallett
Adrian Gray v Mike De Decker
Conan Whitehead v Geert Nentjes
Joe Murnan v Andy Boulton
David Pallett v Adrian Gray
Mike De Decker v Conan Whitehead
Geert Nentjes v Joe Murnan
Andy Boulton v David Pallett
Conan Whitehead v Adrian Gray
Joe Murnan v Mike De Decker
Andy Boulton v Geert Nentjes
David Pallett v Conan Whitehead
Adrian Gray v Joe Murnan
Mike De Decker v Andy Boulton
Geert Nentjes v David Pallett

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