SPECIAL: ChatGPT predicts 2024 World Matchplay Darts champion - Who will reign supreme in Blackpool?

The use of AI is firmly on the rise, but can it predict a sporting event correctly and in particular the 2024 World Matchplay Darts which begins this Saturday July 13 at the historic Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Ahead of Saturday's action, questions were given to ChatGPT with questions asked about a variety of topics including winner, first round losers and even if England will win to impact Sunday's session. A 10am start has been mooted if England find a way past the Netherlands on Wednesday evening.

All answers are based though on analysis provided by news outlets and sports websites so there is some veracity to the claims made by ChatGPT ahead of Wimbledon. But will it gleam the answers that are needed to predict the next major tournament? Bookmark this for the end of the tournament to see if it is correct.

Question: Who will win the 2024 World Matchplay?

As expected similar to the bookies, there is one player that stands out among the rest albeit Luke Littler has not been chosen either despite being second favourite.

Answer: Predicting the winner of the World Matchplay Darts 2024 is challenging due to the high level of competition and the current form of many top players. However, several key contenders have emerged as favorites based on recent performances and expert predictions. Luke Humphries is considered a strong contender, having picked up multiple titles on the Euro Tour, and his consistent performance has led many experts to back him for the win. Wayne Mardle has even predicted a final showdown between Humphries and Michael Smith, with Humphries emerging victorious.

michael van gerwen 2
Can Michael van Gerwen return to title winning form in Blackpool?

Michael van Gerwen, a former champion and one of the top-ranked players, is always a favorite in any tournament he enters. His odds are currently favorable, and his experience and skill make him a formidable opponent. Nathan Aspinall, the defending champion, has been in good form, making the latter stages of several recent tournaments. His experience in winning the title last year adds to his confidence going into this year's event.

Dimitri van den Bergh is known for his recent successes in the World Series and his strong performances in previous World Matchplay events. His focused play and ability to perform under pressure make him another top candidate for the title. These players are among the top picks for winning the 2024 World Matchplay Darts, but the nature of the sport means there could always be surprises. The tournament will certainly be exciting with such a competitive field.

Question: Who will be the big shock exits at the 2024 World Matchplay?

With Van Gerwen facing Luke Littler in the opening round, it could be said that he will be a potential player on upset watch and a few others were also picked by AI.

Answer: At the 2024 World Matchplay Darts, several potential shock exits have been identified due to tough matchups and the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Gerwyn Price, a finalist in 2022, faces a challenging first-round match against Daryl Gurney, a two-time semi-finalist. Price is one of the favorites, but Gurney's experience and past performances could lead to an early exit for Price.

gerwyn price
Gerwyn Price predicted to be defeated early by ChatGPT.

Another potential surprise could come from Jonny Clayton, last year’s runner-up, who meets the five-time World Champion Raymond van Barneveld in the first round. Van Barneveld, despite being lower in the rankings, has the pedigree to cause an upset.

Additionally, Michael van Gerwen faces a tricky opening match against the teenage sensation Luke Littler. While van Gerwen is highly experienced and successful, Littler’s form and talent make this a potentially surprising exit for the three-time World Matchplay champion.

These matchups highlight the possibility of early exits for some of the tournament's top contenders, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to this year's event.

Question: What will be the final of the 2024 World Matchplay?

There is one final which has been predicted including by Wayne Mardle and also in this case carries the same prediction in that Luke Humphries will face Michael Smith.

Answer: The final of the 2024 World Matchplay Darts is widely predicted to feature Luke Humphries against Michael Smith. Luke Humphries, the pre-tournament favorite, has demonstrated remarkable consistency on the Euro Tour, securing multiple titles and showing a high level of performance. His impressive form and ability to handle pressure make him a top contender for the championship.

Michael Smith, another leading player, has also been in excellent form and is expected to advance to the final. Smith's prowess and experience in high-stakes matches give him a significant edge over many competitors. This potential final match-up is anticipated to be highly competitive and thrilling, given the skill and determination of both players.

Experts and analysts have highlighted this possible final as one of the most exciting prospects for the tournament. The combination of Humphries' consistent excellence and Smith's formidable talent suggests a closely contested final that could go down to the wire. This prediction aligns with the views of many within the darts community, who see both players as the ones to watch in this year's tournament.

The anticipation surrounding this potential final underscores the high level of competition and excitement expected at the 2024 World Matchplay Darts, making it one of the most eagerly awaited events in the darts calendar.

Question: Who will be the surprise names at the 2024 World Matchplay?

Surprise packages were also picked out of the line-up albeit the first one perhaps isn't a surprise all told and also he could yet go out in the opening round.

Answer: In the 2024 World Matchplay, several surprise names could make a significant impact and be the ones to watch. These players have shown promising form and could upset more established stars:

Luke Littler, at just 17 years old, is making his World Matchplay debut. His rapid rise and impressive performances on the ProTour have caught the attention of many. Littler's potential to upset seasoned players makes him a fascinating contender.

Martin Schindler, the German number one, has had a breakthrough season in 2024, showing great form and consistency. Schindler's ability to perform under pressure could see him go deep into the tournament.

Ryan Searle is known for his heavy scoring and high averages. Searle has been in great form recently, and his matches are often unpredictable, making him a potential giant-killer in the tournament.

Josh Rock is a young and upcoming talent who has been making waves in the darts world. His performance in recent tournaments has been impressive, and he could surprise many by advancing far in the World Matchplay.

Daryl Gurney, while not a new name, has shown current form suggesting he could make a strong run. Facing tough opponents early could see him either exit early or gain significant momentum by overcoming them.

These players have shown they have the potential to challenge the more established names and could provide some of the biggest surprises in the 2024 World Matchplay. Keep an eye on their performances as the tournament progresses.

Question: Will England beat Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semi-final?

Also asked is a question which is pertinent to darts in that the session could feasibly be changed as a result to even earlier in the morning if England manage to beat the Netherlands on Wednesday night.

It seems to be thought of that they will according to ChatGPT meaning a potential 10am start.

Answer: Predicting the outcome of the Euro 2024 semi-final between England and the Netherlands is challenging due to the competitive nature of both teams. England has a strong squad featuring key players like Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham, both of whom have been pivotal in their journey through the tournament. Their defensive record and ability to score crucial goals give them an edge, making them one of the favorites to advance to the final.

On the other hand, the Netherlands, under the guidance of Ronald Koeman, have also shown formidable form. Key players like Cody Gakpo and Memphis Depay have been influential in their progress, and their overall team performance has been strong, despite some inconsistencies.

Analysts and betting predictions are mixed. Some sources suggest a close match that could end in a draw, potentially going into extra time or penalties. England's historical difficulties against the Netherlands add an element of unpredictability, but their current form and squad depth give them a slight advantage.

Overall, while England is slightly favored to win, the match is expected to be highly competitive and could go either way depending on the performances on the day.

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