Taylor on Van Gerwen bouncing back after losing World Number One spot: "People are not frightened of him anymore"

Phil Taylor believes Michael van Gerwen's downturn in form is due to players raising their standard to match his level and that it is now up to him in his assault back at the World Number One spot.

Van Gerwen was humbled by Dave Chisnall in a 5-0 defeat at the World Championship and Gerwyn Price became World Champion and knocked him off the World Number One spot and a point which he has raised before he echoed about him having a young family now so it is up to him if he wants it enough.

"People are not frightened of him anymore. Where his ability he set the bar, people are matching him. It's the same in snooker or boxing, people are not bothered," said Taylor to PDC.

"So if he goes up there hits nine or 10 darters, people can do it back so it depends on how Michael is mentally if he can take the pressure. But he's getting older, he's got responsibilities. He's got children at home which are a distraction so it all depends on him."

"But the circuit is so busy for them. I'm glad I retired, not at my age, I couldn't do it."

The point was also raised about players who usually wouldn't perform at that level raising the bar against Van Gerwen and Taylor used an analogy to describe it.

"I used to call it the Manchester United syndrome. if Port Vale played Manchester United, they'd play well. You do play the player, when you say you don't play the player, that's rubbish of course you do."

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