Tour Card win stirs a lot of emotions for Jitse van der Wal: ''Have been crying for half an hour''

The 24-year-old Jitse van der Wal finished sixth on the ranking of the European Q-School 2024 and thus picked up a Tour Card. Van der Wal spoke in an interview with Darts Actueel about his participation in Q-School and his goals in the coming year.

Van der Wal did not expect to actually grab a Tour Card: ''I actually didn't want to go to Q-School, but my manager made me. I had actually already thrown in the towel.''

Van der Wal indicated that his goal this year was actually to qualify for the WDF World Championship. ''I was thinking of not going to Q-School and play in the WDF this year. I wanted to stand once Lakeside and then stop playing international darts.'' Still, Van der Wal is happy with getting his Tour Card: ''I actually hadn't counted on it, but it's nice that I have it now.''

Van der Wal got through the opening phase of European Q-School quite easily, but picked up only 1 point in the first 3 days of the final phase. On the last day of the final stage, however, Van der Wal reached the final: ''I had actually already given up. Because I didn't feel like it anymore, the pressure was gone.''

Because of his final place on the last day, Van der Wal was able to get a Tour Card, although he did not know it himself: ''When I won the semifinals, all kinds of people came to me and congratulated me with my Tour Card. Then a lot of emotion came over me. I cried for half an hour.

Van der Wal has already been able to arrange with those around him that he will be away a lot. ''My boss is very supportive and grants me everything. My wife is also 100% behind it.'' Van der Wal says he is taking the next two years very seriously. ''We are working to arrange that I can stop working and focus completely on darts. In addition, I also go to the gym.'' Van der Wal has set himself one clear goal for the next two years. ''To be at the World Championship once is the main goal. The rest is bonus.''

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