VIDEO: Edgar ranks the top five slowest players to play against

Matthew Edgar has posted a new video on his youtube channel "Edgar TV. In it, he discusses the five slowest players he has ever faced against.

Edgar begins with a surprise. "People will think that Justin Pipe will be on this list but I'm going to tell you now, he's not so spoiler alert there for you," Edgar said. "Although he actually delivered the darts slowly, he would get to the oche, take his darts and be out the way extremely quick."

At five, Edgar places Northern Irishman Brendan Dolan. "His pace changes throughout the game and he can adapt his pace to suit how he feels at the time. Sometimes Brendan will try a little bit quicker sometimes he'll slow it right," Edgar explains. "Number four, I'm gonna give this to Andy Hamilton. He's one of those players that isn't quick on the retrieval side, so a little bit slower down the oche and a little bit slower to retrieve the darts.

Glen Durrant can be found in second place, just edging out Scott Mitchell. "It's the process of collecting the darts. From throwing the last dart, the process of walking down the oche, retrieving the darts and exiting the are sonyoubcan throw again, that's what makes them so slow."

The perhaps somewhat surprising number one is Peter Evison, the 1996 World Matchplay winner. "Peter managed to get inside his opponent's head like no other, he slowed down when he wanted to. I found it by far the most difficult opponent to play against."

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