Who throws most 180s and who performs best under pressure? Gary Anderson leads list according to PDC analyst

A 180 score, of course, remains the maximum score in darts. With such a high score, you can put opponents under great pressure. PDC analyst @ochepedia figured out which players respond best to such a 180 score.

This included calculating who throws the most 180'ers and which player after receiving a 180 score against, then immediately throws a 180 himself. For this statistic, players who had at least 50 chances to do so this year were taken into account.

In first place we find Gary Anderson. When he faced a 180 score, he subsequently threw a 180 himself in 17.02% of his attempts. Remarkable here is that at other times in a match he achieves "only" 12.57% on a 180 attempt. That means he performs much better under pressure.

gary anderson 2
Gary Anderson won this year's European Darts Grand Prix

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, we find William O'Connor in second place in this list. The Irishman normally has only a 6.12% success rate on a 180, but under pressure that rises to 14.12%. No one performs better under pressure than O'Connor in this statistic.

In the top ten we also find one Dutchman with Niels Zonneveld. Zonneveld is in fifth place with a 7.14% chance of hitting a 180, which increases to 13.08% if he hits a 180 first.

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