Darter suspended for 4 years after fake COVID-19 test incident on PDC Challenge Tour

The Darts Regulation Authority (disciplinary committee at PDC) has confirmed that darter Bradley Phillips has been suspended for four years. The suspension was already in effect in 2021, but the verdict has only now come out.

During the COVID-1`9 pandemic, tournaments on the PDC circuit continued in a so-called bubble. Players had to present a negative COVID-19 test before they were allowed to play a tournament.

During the sixth tournament of the PDC Challenge Tour 2021, players were suddenly ejected from the tournament because they had come into contact with a player who was positive but still decided to play. The player in question was Bradley Phillips.

He was found to have turned in a negative test prior to the tournament weekend while infected. He then decided to submit a false negative test.

Rumors quickly circulated that Phillips was indeed positive, and he was again subjected to retesting. That proved to be positive, after which he himself was ejected from the tournament, as were the players with whom he had been in contact.

As a result of his action, three staff members of the PDC had also become infected. The DRA decided to suspend him until Feb. 14, 2025.

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