"I know a man who could lend me a Hawaiian shirt": Rod Studd asked for his 'Night at the Darts'

Speaking on the Sky Sports podcast, 'Love The Darts', commentator Rod Studd was the latest person to be asked for his ideal 'Night at the Darts'.

The first order of business is to sort out the dress code. "I think I'd go for a Hawaiian shirt. I know a man who could lend me one or possibly sell me one," Studd answers, referring of course to 'Hawaii 501' himself, Wayne Mardle as Emma Paton laughs "Yes!" in agreement. "I've got one of his originals," Studd adds.

On which match he'd like to watch, Studd gives an interesting answer. "I'd like to watch Wayne Mardle versus Kirk Shepherd in the 2008 World Championship semi-final. The reason I say that is in the hope that the result would be different," he explains. "At the time I remember seeing him sitting there disconsolate in the press room and thinking 'What a wally! How has he lost that?' It upsets me to think about that now because I know how much it would have meant to him and I really wish he had won that."

When asked what he would write on his sign, "Something funny," Studd answers, raising a piece of paper with the words 'something funny' written on it. For food, "Scampi and chips with cheesecake after it."

And finally, the company. Which three individuals would Studd bring with him to this night at the darts? "I think I'd like to bring to the darts with me, Sid Waddell, John Gwynne and Dave Lanning. Just listen to their words of wisdom and wordsmithery."

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