Schedule of Play for 2021 PDC World Darts Championship released

The schedule has been released ahead of the 2020/21 PDC World Darts Championship with reigning champion Peter Wright as is tradition set to compete on the opening night on Tuesday December 15.

Wright will face either Steve West or Amit Gilitwala in the final match of the night in a stacked session.

This also includes Steve Beaton starting his record breaking 30th campaign against Diogo Portela, while in an exciting tie Jeff Smith will face Irish talent, Keane Barry.

In a double session on the 16th, Glen Durrant and Chris Dobey as well as four-time Women's World Champion, Lisa Ashton will be in action.

Grand Slam champion Jose de Sousa and Daryl Gurney will headline Tuesday December 17. While Friday will see James Wade, Jamie Hughes and the exciting tie between Luke Humphries and Paul Lim.

Michael van Gerwen will open his challenge to win his fourth World title on Saturday December 19, on a day which will also see Deta Hedman and Scott Waites making their Alexandra Palace debuts.

Two-time World Champion Gary Anderson will wait till Sunday December 20 to make his return to the Ally Pally with a double Dutch contingent of Vincent van der Voort and Jeffrey de Zwaan also in action as the first round concludes.

Gerwyn Price, World Number Three and World Grand Prix champion will open his campaign on Monday December 21, this in a stacked day of darts including Ian White, Krzysztof Ratajski and Gabriel Clemens taking to the stage.

A double session on Tuesday December 22 will feature World Matchplay champion, Dimitri van den Bergh and former World Champions, Adrian Lewis and Rob Cross.

The second round will conclude across a double session on Wednesday December 23 when Michael Smith, Nathan Aspinall and Dave Chisnall are involved.

Following a three-day break, the conclusion of the tournament will occur with third and fourth rounds followed by Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the final on January 3.

Schedule World Championship Darts 2021

Tuesday December 15 (6pm)

Steve West v Amit Gilitwala (R1)

Steve Beaton v Diogo Portela (R1)

Jeff Smith v Keane Barry (R1)

Peter Wright v West / Gilitwala (R2)

Wednesday December 16
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Ryan Joyce v Karel Sedlacek (R1)

Ross Smith v David Evans (R1)

William O'Connor v Niels Zonneveld (R1)

Chris Dobey v J Smith / Barry (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Max Hopp v Gordon Mathers (R1)

Callan Rydz v James Bailey (R1)

Adam Hunt v Lisa Ashton (R1)

Glen Durrant v Beaton / Portela (R2)

Thursday December 17
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Madars Razma v Toru Suzuki (R1)

Mike De Decker v Edward Foulkes (R1)

Ryan Murray v Lourence Ilagan (R1)

Daryl Gurney v O'Connor / Zonneveld (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Luke Woodhouse v Jamie Lewis (R1)

Ron Meulenkamp v Boris Krcmar (R1)

Ryan Searle v Danny Lauby (R1)

Jose de Sousa v R Smith / D Evans (R2)

Friday December 18
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Mickey Mansell v Haupai Puha (R1)

Darius Labanauskas v Chengan Liu (R1)

Wayne Jones v Ciaran Teehan (R1)

Jamie Hughes v Hunt / Ashton (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Dirk van Duijvenbode v Bradley Brooks (R1)

John Henderson v Marko Kantele (R1)

Luke Humphries v Paul Lim (R1)

James Wade v Rydz / Bailey (R2)

Saturday December 19
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Steve Lennon v Daniel Larsson (R1)

Scott Waites v Matt Campbell (R1)

Kim Huybrechts v Di Zhuang (R1)

Mervyn King v Hopp / Mathers (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Andy Hamilton v Nico Kurz (R1)

Andy Boulton v Deta Hedman (R1)

Damon Heta v Danny Baggish (R1)

Michael van Gerwen v Murray / Ilagan (R2)

Sunday December 20
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Derk Telnekes v Nick Kenny (R1)

Jason Lowe v Dmitriy Gorbunov (R1)

Maik Kuivenhoven v Matthew Edgar (R1)

Vincent van der Voort v Meulenkamp / Krcmar (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Martijn Kleermaker v Cameron Carolissen (R1)

Keegan Brown v Ryan Meikle (R1)

Jeffrey de Zwaan v Searle / Lauby (R2)

Jonny Clayton v Henderson / Kantele (R2)

Monday December 21 (6pm)

Krzysztof Ratajski v Joyce / Sedlacek (R2)

Ian White v Huybrechts / Zhuang (R2)

Gerwyn Price v Woodhouse / J Lewis (R2)

Gabriel Clemens v Hamilton / Kurz (R2)

Tuesday December 22
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Brendan Dolan v De Decker / Foulkes (R2)

Joe Cullen v Jones / Teehan (R2)

Simon Whitlock v Labanauskas / Liu (R2)

Adrian Lewis v Heta / Baggish (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Danny Noppert v Kleermaker / Carolissen (R2)

Devon Petersen v Lennon / Larsson (R2)

Rob Cross v Van Duijvenbode / Brooks (R2)

Dimitri Van den Bergh v Humphries / Lim (R2)

Wednesday December 23
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

Ricky Evans v Mansell / Puha (R2)

Gary Anderson v Razma / Suzuki (R2)

Stephen Bunting v Boulton / Hedman (R2)

Mensur Suljovic v Kuivenhoven / Edgar (R2)

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

Dave Chisnall v Brown / Meikle (R2)

Jermaine Wattimena v Telnekes / Kenny (R2)

Nathan Aspinall v Waites / Campbell (R2)

Michael Smith v Lowe / Gorbunov (R2)

Sunday December 27
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

3x Third Round

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

3x Third Round

Monday December 28
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

3x Third Round

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

3x Third Round

Tuesday December 29
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

3x Third Round

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

1x Third Round and 2x Fourth Round

Wednesday December 30
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

3x Fourth Round

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

3x Fourth Round

Friday January 1
Afternoon session (from 12:00 PM)

2x Quarter-Finals

Evening session (from 6:00 PM)

2x Quarter-Finals

Saturday January 2 (from 6:00 PM)


Sunday January 3 (from 7:30 PM)


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