Stefan Bellmont grabs hat trick on SDC Tour with two singles and one pairs title

Stefan Bellmont was the celebrated man on the SDC Tour last weekend. The Swiss darter won three titles, including two singles titles and a pairs title.

Bellmont defeated Jochen Graudenz 7-5 in the final of the fifth event of the SDC Tour 2024. En route to the final, 'Belli' had defeated Fabian Limacher (4-1), German Lukas Dallmann (5-3) and Dominic Ferrero (6-2), among others. Graudenz beat the likes of Ansh Sood (4-1), Fabian Schor (5-3) and Rocco Fulciniti (6-4) before losing in the final.

With victories over Matthias Apitz (4-0), Dene Crausaz (5-0) and Jochen Graudenz (6-5), Bellmont then advanced to the final of SDC Tour 6, where the Swiss met his World Cup of Darts 2023 partner Marcel Walpen, whom he defeated 7-3.

A pairs tournament was also completed during this SDC weekend. Here, too, the victory went to Bellmont, who teamed up with Mathias Jostein. The Swiss duo won 3-2 over Fabio Piscitelli and Marcel Gugger in the final.

Results SDC Tour 5 (singles).

Last 16

Stefan Bellmont 4-1 Fabian Limacher

Lukas Dallmann 4-0 Hansi Waldmeier

Rok Bahor 4-2 René Kern

Dominic Ferrero 4-0 Sasa Vaga

Kieran Lindour 4-1 Liam Maendl-Lawrance

Rocco Fulciniti 4-1 Michael Fuchs

Jochen Graudenz 4-1 Ansh Sood

Fabian Schor 4-1 Christoph Schuhmann


Stefan Bellmont 5-3 Lukas Dallmann

Dominic Ferrero 5-3 Rok Bahor

Rocco Fulciniti 5-1 Kieran Linour

Jochen Graudenz 5-3 Fabian Schor

Semifinals Stefan Bellmont 6-2 Dominic Ferrero

Jochen Graudenz 6-4 Rocco Fulciniti


Stefan Bellmont 7-5 Jochen Graudenz

Results SDC Tour 6 (singles).

Last 16

Stefan Bellmont 4-0 Matthias Apitz

Dene Crausaz 4-3 Liam Maendl-Lawrance

Michael Woraczek 4-2 Roman Wellinger

Jochen Graudenz 4-0 Sven Kradolfer

Patrick Ganter 4-2 Kieran Lindour

Marcel Walpen 4-0 Dominic Ferrero

Thomas Köhnlein 4-3 Lukas Dallmann

Rok Bahor 4-3 Fabian Bihl


Stefan Bellmont 5-0 Dene Crausaz

Jochen Graudenz 5-1 Michael Woraczek

Marcel Walpen 5-0 Patrick Ganter

Thomas Köhnlein 5-2 Rok Bahor

Semi final

Stefan Bellmont 6-5 Jochen Graudenz

Marcel Walpen 6-2 Thomas Köhnlein


Stefan Bellmont 7-3 Marcel Walpen

Results SDC Tour 1 (pairs).


Christian Haas/Patrick Christen 3-1 Lucien Jost/Kai Müller

Fabio Piscitelli/Marcel Gugger 3-0 Rocco Fulciniti/Jochen Graudenz

Stefan Bellmont/Mathias Jost 3-2 Michel Gosjean/Patrick Wachter

Reto Hofer/Michael Lehmann 3-1 Marcel Walpen/Luis Camacho

Semi final

Fabio Piscitelli/Marcel Gugger 3-2 Christian Haas/Patrick Christen

Stefan Bellmont/Mathias Jost 3-1 Reto Hofer/Michael Lehmann


Stefan Bellmont/Mathias Jost 3-2 Fabio Piscitelli/Marcel Gugger

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