These 128 players have qualified for the final stage of the 2024 UK Q-School

The 101 players who qualified for the final stage of the UK Q-School 2024 through the first stage have been revealed. Supplemented by the 27 players who were automatically qualified, 128 players will compete for the 14 available Tour Cards starting Thursday.

One tournament will be played each day from Thursday through Sunday, with the day's winner receiving a PDC Tour Card. There will also be a ranking based on points that can be grabbed by booking victories. Through that ranking, another ten players will receive a PDC Tour Card for 2024 and 2025.

The group of players who were allowed to skip the first stage include John Henderson, Andy Boulton, Scott Mitchell, Bradley Brooks, Scott Waites, Richie Burnett, Ted Evetts, Ross Montgomery, Darren Webster, Devon Petersen and Steve Lennon.

In addition, there were a total of 24 daily winners over the past three days. Among others Danny Lauby Jr, Adam Hunt, Fallon Sherrock, Chris Quantock, Andy Hamilton, Leighton Bennett, Scott Taylor, Rhys Griffin and Henry Coates managed to secure a spot for the remainder of the Q-School.

The final 77 spots were distributed via ranking. Among others Mark Dudbridge, Keelan Kay, Alex Spellman, Peter Jacques, Jim McEwan, Adrian Gray, Justin Smith, Richard North, Aden Kirk, Kai Fan Leung, Colin Osborne, John Part, Alan Norris and William Borland qualified through the Q-School Order of Merit.

Participant field of final stage UK Q-School 2024

Direc admitted to final stage (27)

John Henderson

Andy Boulton

Dom Taylor

James Hurrell

Darryl Pilgrim

Robert Grundy

Scott Mitchell

Conan Whitehead

Bradley Brooks

Cam Crabtree

Jarred Cole

Connor Scutt

Scott Waites

Richie Burnett

John O'Shea

Ted Evetts

Lewis Williams

Joe Murnan

James Wilson

Ross Montgomery

Darren Webster

Shaun Wilkinson

Devon Petersen

Kevin Burness

Nick Fullwell

Steve Lennon

George Killington

Day winners during first phase (24)

Harry Lane

Danny Lauby

Adam Hunt

Patrick Lynskey

Llew Bevan

Matthew Dennant

Mike Warburton

Kieron Bridgwater

Jamie Atkins

Fallon Sherrock

Shane McGuirk

Chris Quantock

Patrik Williams

Kevin Lane

Charlie Martin

Andy Hamilton

Paul Redfern

Tom Lonsdale

Leighton Bennett

Joe Croft

Scott Taylor

Rhys Griffin

Henry Coates

Lee Cocks

Located via UK Q-School Order of Merit (77)

Mark Dudbridge

Kevin Thomas

Stuart Wares

Justin Hood

Joshua Richardson

Thomas Lovely

Thomas Banks

Scott Campbell

Adam Paxton

Keelan Kay

Derek Maclean

Alex Spellman

Brett Claydon

Thomas Cromwell

Carl Wilson

Daniel Astbury

Darren Beveridge

Darren Armstrong

Harry Gregory

Peter Jacques

Lewis Gurney

Jim Walker

Liam Goyne

Lee Williams

James Howard Hughes

Kevin Leadenham

Greg Ritchie

Jim McEwan

Peter Burgoyne

Sam Cankett

Jim Moston

Steve Haggerty

Peter Mitchell

Ashley Coleman

Dan Read

Gary Brown

Christopher Harvey

Kamil Janowicz

Ashley McKeever

Jacob Gwynne

Adrian Gray

Alec Small

Keith Rooney

Justin Smith

Scott Winder

Cory Evans

Chris Hartrey

Richard North

James Huthwaite

Aden Kirk

Michael Flynn

James Beeton

Kai Fan Leung

Colin Osborne

Patrick Quinn

Sam Spivey

Dean Forde

Ryan O'Connor

Edward Price

Peter Hudson

Carl Beattie

David Wawrzewski

Jonathan Kavanagh

John Part

Ryan Furness

Mathew Wood

Niall Culleton

Sean Fisher

Alan Norris

Robbie Martin

Owen Maiden

Brandon Jones

Nathan Girvan

Tommy Morris

Matt Caste

Jake Neale

William Borland

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