Aspinall on finding balance between darts and family life: "When daddy's back it is fun time"

Combining a darts career with a family life is not always easy. However, Nathan Aspinall has managed to find a balance and on this Fathers Day in the UK, he chatted about how important his family is.

"I have 2 girls, Brooke who just turned 10 and Milly who is 3. They are my everything. Together they can be hard work as they have such big personalities, but I would not change them for the world. They always put a smile on my face especially when I come back from darts, and they see me for the first time in say a week. It is the best thing in the world being a dad," said Aspinall to Target Darts.

"I have a good balance with darts and family to be honest," he continued. "Once I am back from darts, we try not to talk about the sport, and I don't have a board up at home. When daddy's back it is fun time!"

No chance of potential successor

For Aspinall though, the chances of his kids following in his footsteps are very minimal.

"My kids are not into darts. The youngest hates it won't ever watch it! Brooke occasionally has a throw with me if she comes to the office when I practice but that is as far as it goes."

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