Clayton reveals origins of Ferret nickname during latest Autocomplete Challenge |

Clayton reveals origins of Ferret nickname during latest Autocomplete Challenge

Jonny Clayton took part in the latest episode of the PDC's Autocomplete Challenge when they take questions that would be asked on Google and ask them to the players.

The likes of Nathan Aspinall and Michael van Gerwen have taken part so far and Clayton was the latest and one of the first topics was him playing rugby.

"I remember playing a Veteran's game which is over 40s and as a youngster, I used to be fit. When I played this game, I was thinking I should be over there but I couldn't get there and that told me that's the end of Jonny Clayton's rugby days," said Clayton to the PDC.

Work as a plasterer

One of the main parts of Clayton's rise has been that he still works alongside being part of the darting elite as a plasterer for Carmarthenshire Council and it isn't a part of his life he is ready to give up.

"I've thought long and hard about it and I'm not going to. I enjoy what I'm doing and it's working. It takes my mind off darts. I get bored of things very easily."

"I take unpaid leave but that helps me a lot. It's small maintenance but I still enjoy it, I've done it all my life, I don't see why I should change. It's working for me at the moment so I'm going to keep doing it."

Origins of The Ferret

Clayton followed a trend of animal nicknames but instead of a snake, it was 'The Ferret' and he revealed the origins of the nickname.

"It's through rugby. You come out of your youth rugby at 19 and then you go into your senior level. Now it's changed and I don't think I was nine stone soaking wet.

"They were all taking the mic out of me, the laugh was because I played scrum half and you go digging for the ball, they said if you ever went onto Gladiators you could have been The Ferret and you know when things stick."

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