Doets claims maiden Challenge Tour title with victory over Edhouse in Event 10

Kevin Doets is the final winner on the PDC Challenge Tour this season after defeating Ritchie Edhouse in the final of Event 10.

Doets won a maiden Development Tour during their last truncated weekend only a few weeks ago and has added another secondary tour title.

He denied Edhouse 5-3 after seeing off some tough tests in the likes of Darren Beveridge and James Richardson 5-1 and 5-2 in the latter stages.

He gains a UK Open spot through the Challenge Tour for finishing 9th overall while for Edhouse, he has claimed a Tour Card after reaching a final to back up his event win but was denied a World Championship spot due to defeat against the Dutchman.


Dave Parletti 5 | 3 Thomas Lovely

Ritchie Edhouse 5 | 2 Chris Quantock

Kevin Doets 5 | 1 Darren Beveridge

James Richardson 5 | 3 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez


Ritchie Edhouse 5 | 0 Dave Parletti

Kevin Doets 5 | 2 James Richardson


Kevin Doets 5 | 3 Ritchie Edhouse

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