Henderson after returning home from World Cup triumph: "I’m so chuffed I didn't let Peter, myself and the country down"

John Henderson claimed his first TV title of his career this past weekend as he surged to World Cup of Darts glory for Scotland with Peter Wright.

Henderson broke down in tears after the win as the weight of what he had done got to the popular Highlander.

"I’ve watched darts for years and seen so many players in tears after winning something and I always said to Veronica (his wife), there was no danger I would ever do that in the same circumstances," he said to Grampian Online.

"Oh well, I was wrong! Emotions take over and I saw Peter with a tear in his eye and that brought me on as well, he looked at me and saw I had a bit of a tear and it kick-started the emotions.

"It was such an emotional night, not just myself or Peter but for the whole of Scottish darts and it just proved that someone like myself can go and accomplish something like that and go and do well."

Wright and Van Gerwen tipping Henderson for success

He received kind words from Peter Wright and Michael van Gerwen about this kickstarting his career and he hopes it can give him a lift.

"If this doesn't give me confidence, nothing will," he said. "It’s a major on the PDC circuit and I know it's a pairs game but there’s a lot of individual darts as well which I will take a lot from. I’ve just got to go forward.

"It was nice to hear Peter’s words, and even Michael van Gerwen after the interview said this could kick-start John’s career which is typical of Michael.

"But to hear it from the likes of him and Peter, it is pleasing and it has to give me a lift."

Not letting Wright down

As a late replacement for Gary Anderson, Henderson felt the pressure of taking over the mantle and he was glad not to let his teammate down.

"When Gary (Anderson) pulled out and I was in with Peter I thought, well, there’s a wee bit more pressure on me because I’m playing with the world number two, the current world matchplay champion.

"But Peter was fantastic with me, he fairly played the skipper's role.

"He took me under his wing and we sat down before each game, you have to give the order and it was actually a team effort to decide for me to go first rather than just putting Peter up there and trying to get the point up there.

"It was so pleasing to win it and I’m so chuffed I didn't let him down, didn’t let myself down and didn’t let the country down. That was the main thing for me."

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