Lewis makes apology after 'inappropriate joke' regarding Deller

Adrian Lewis has publicly apologized to Keith Deller after an 'inappropriate joke' during an interview at the World Matchplay.

During the tournament, Lewis was asked what he thought of the conditions at the World Matchplay .

After all, the tournament was played behind closed doors. Jackpot then joked that it felt like he was playing at a Keith Deller exhibition tournament inferring it gets no audience.

That joke was not warmly received by Deller, Lewis's former manager. The two-time world champion therefore decided to apologise on Twitter.

“I was wrong to make the comments and I accept it was both unnecessary and inappropriate to make such comments. I apologise for any harm or distress that I may have caused Keith over the past few days. We have agreed to draw a line under this now and move on,” said Lewis on Twitter.



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