Luke Littler averages 109 to set-up QF with James Hurrell at Players Championship 1, Alan Soutar, Jose De Sousa and Ryan Searle also into last 8

Eight men remain in the race for the Players Championship title of the new season. Among others, Luke Littler, Gian van Veen, Jose de Sousa and Brendan Dolan have joined the last eight.

Littler once again made a strong showing. The Nuke' posted a 108.99 average in the last sixteen and defeated Cameron Menzies 6-2. After Littler managed to throw another nine darter in his third round against Michele Turetta, he missed the double 12 in his fourth round against Menzies for another nine darter.

The 17-year-old Englishman will face James Hurrell in the quarterfinals. The latter settled with Jamie Hughes (6-3) for a spot in the quarterfinals. Alan Soutar and Nick Kenny are the other two quarterfinalists on this side of the draw.

Gian van Veen is one of the quarter-finalists at the other end of the bracket. 'GVV The Giant' triumphed 6-5 against Kim Huybrechts after he managed to make up a 2-5 deficit. He will meet Brendan Dolan in his next match. The Northern Irishman recorded a 6-4 win over Ricardo Pietreczko. Ryan Searle and Jose de Sousa also qualified for the last eight.

Results Players Championship 1

Last 16

Luke Littler (108.99) 6 | 2 (95.31) Cameron Menzies

James Hurrell (93.75) 6 | 3 (89.23) Jamie Hughes

Alan Soutar (92.04) 6 | 1 (91.88) Lee Evans

Nick Kenny (97.62) 6 | 5 (88.62) Mickey Mansell

Ryan Searle (99.10) 6 | 0 (86.83) Mike De Decker

Jose De Sousa (93.28) 6 | 5 (94.08) Nathan Aspinall

Brendan Dolan (86.93) 6 | 4 (81.38) Ricardo Pietreczko

Gian van Veen (92.87) 6 | 5 (89.17) Kim Huybrechts


Luke Littler - | - James Hurrell

Alan Soutar - | - Nick Kenny

Ryan Searle - | - Jose De Sousa

Brendan Dolan - | - Gian van Veen

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