Dobey claims PDC Home Tour Group 14 ahead of Meulenkamp on leg difference

The fourteenth PDC Home Tour group win has gone to Chris Dobey as the two week mark has been reached in the online competition.

Dobey who was initially part of the PDC Darts from Home which was the first iteration of the PDC Home Tour impressed in getting through to the second round.

'Hollywood' claimed two wins and one defeat in his three games seeing off Ciaran Teehan (5-2) and Ron Meulenkamp (5-1).

Meulenkamp ended up being his nearest rival but finished in second on leg difference after seeing off Kai Fan Leung (5-4) but being defeated by Dobey was the nail in his chances.

It didn't stop him returning though to post a 101 average and six 180's in a seriously impressive 5-1 win over one of the initial forerunners Ciaran Teehan .

Dobey could have made it a clean sweep but Kai Fan Leung who was facing him at near on 5am in the morning in Hong Kong sealed a consolation win 5-4 which thwarted his chance of a clean sweep. Despite that though he is through successfully after spending a lot of lockdown so far practising in online tournaments.

Group 14 Fixtures
Thursday April 30

Chris Dobey (93.71) 5-2 (89.51) Ciaran Teehan
Ron Meulenkamp (93.6) 5-4 (91.23) Kai Fan Leung
Ciaran Teehan (91.41) 5-1 (85.04) Kai Fan Leung
Chris Dobey (97.09) 5-1 (89.35) Ron Meulenkamp
Ron Meulenkamp (100.93) 5-1 (88.07) Ciaran Teehan
Kai Fan Leung (98.5) 5-4 (101.65) Chris Dobey

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